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Get to grips with your prescription business









CheckRx is a NEW online service that offers pharmacies in England easy access to a wealth of information about monthly dispensing business/activity. It is a companion service to Check34 that allows you to drill down into much more detail.

CheckRx transforms your prescription item report (Px*) into easy to use dashboards that can be used to help identify payment shortfalls and discrepancies – giving you the confidence you are being paid correctly.

CheckRx allows you to...

  • View the breakdown of fees,allowances and reimbursement information for each item dispensed
  • Recalculate your monthly prescription data to compare against the actual FP34 Schedule of Payment
  • Improve your pharmacy stock management and ordering processes
  • Identify and analyse items dispensed by Drug Tariff category
  • View your patient groups by BNF category to help you tailor clinical pharmacy services locally
  • Benchmark and analyse your pharmacy performance against your nearest competitors
  • Analyse the top five GP practices from which you receive most NHS prescriptions

We’re here to help and support you with any questions you may have.

Purchasing CheckRx/setting up an account/finding your way around CheckRx: 0330 123 0190

Understanding CheckRx and the information it provides: 01727 891 800

Or email any other queries to checkrx@npa.co.uk


* Px report is a breakdown of your item level payment paid for your monthly prescription bundle.
** A payment of £120 will be taken for the year in advance. Price shown is member pricing.


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